3. Review Report

Easy Informatics will create a custom website and login portal for you and your team. This means that the report and interactive dashboard can be shared with as many users as you want.

With the report being fully interactive and sharable, this can enhance your presentations, and planning meetings as everyone will have access to the same information but can interact with the data themselves.

Easy Informatics can assist with presentation preparation as well as how to get the most out of your reports by utilizing todays software to create seamless visuals in your presentations.

If your data is dynamic, we can assist with creating dynamic reports that will be maintained and updated as your information changes. This means that you can have an interactive report that is shareable with everyone that can change and be viewed as your data changes.

Easy Informatics will maintain and upkeep your reports for as long as necessary and will maintain any changes that are requested to reports. Our mission is to ensure that your information is easy to read, interact, and make decisions from at a moment’s notice.